Naushad Khan

Naushad Khan




I was born on 22 June 1994 at 11:15 pm and was brought up in a simple and humble home where we struggled to make ends meet - so you could say that this ensured that I learnt the value of money from a young age.


From the tender age of 5, I was in the library, reading every book I could possibly get my hands on. Between each of my parent's library cards and my own which they applied for me on my behalf, I would borrow 24 books and they would all be read and ready for return the very next week, as I would clamour for more.


My reading led to me writing my own stories at that young age, my imagination running wild with a multitude of ideas and stories my hands itched and urged me to pen down on any scrap pages I could find. My ideas were limitless from talking dinosaurs to a team of mutant superheroes to kids going on a space journey. As a result, I was at reading and writing level before even going to school.


Despite not attending Pre-school, thanks to my intense reading prior to formal education, I was the brightest of all my classmates, especially when it came to reading, writing and speaking and was praised in that department by my Grade 1 teacher - Mrs. Nunnan, who befriended my mother. 

My Grade 3 teacher, Mrs. Haffejee, was another teacher who also noticed my talents and encouraged my mother to nurture my abilities. All throughout school, I was well-known among teachers as one of the best readers and would usually be called upon to read aloud to the class.

Throughout my schooling years I continued to write and many different types of stories were produced, such as a story about a group of kids exploring a sunken ship; and international kids secret agents organisation; even a western novel almost 300 pages in length which took me several months to write, but was left incomplete as I felt towards the end I strayed far from the original storyline and instead craved to write a different story. 


My classmates took as much notice of my writing abilities as my teachers did so much so I was selected for and won a couple of writing competitions for myself and my primary school, even being selected by the Principal to accompany him to a Primary School reading & writing exhibition. 


While in the library I picked up books on Arts & Crafts as well as Games and one of my beloved hobbies was making my own game ideas and playing them either by myself (as I was an only child) or with my mother when my father was working.

My father was a Projectionist at a cinema (they are the one's who used to put the film up on the screens), unfortunately that job no longer exists thanks to technological advent of "Digital Cinema". As a result of his job, he was required to work shifts (alternating each week between dayshifts and nightshifts) so at times I would stay up until late at night until my mother had finished the chores to play my latest board game creation with her. 

I was also a huge entertainment buff growing up. I was always up to date and knew all the latest songs, movies and media out there, even though I may not have had the access nor the opportunity to watch or experience all of them at the time. 

As I grew older into my teenage years, I developed a huge love for another form of entertainment which became a hobby that I obsessed over and that was Professional Wrestling. Though a controversial and polarising topic when brought up in conversation, I enjoyed Pro Wrestling for it's flamboyancy and pageantry, fully understanding it's entertainment value and aspect. Even to this day, I still enjoy wrestling and have fond memories of my favorite wrestlers and matches I watched growing up.


In February 2020, I founded Multi-Marketing, which can be described as an online design and marketing agency. You can learn more about Multi-Marketing by clicking here.
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